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PSP PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient

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From Wikipedia: 

PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient is a puzzle game for the PlayStation Portable. The game is known as Practical IQ in Europe.

The game's framework is centered on discovering the player's "practical intelligence quotient," by completing a test consisting of 100 puzzles. The player controls a white, human-like avatar who can interact with the game world. The puzzles are all logic-based, and include a variety of tasks, from rearranging blocks to avoiding security guards to operating machinery. In most of the levels, an exit must be reached to complete that stage.

After clearing all 100 levels, the player's score is determined based on how long each stage took, among other variables. The player's PQ can be taken online and be compared with other players' scores (a high score table is also available online).

A sequel to this game, PQ2: Practical Intelligence Quotient 2, has been released.

PQ is notable for being the first published game from D3 Publisher in North America.[1]