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PSP Shrek: Smash n' Crash Racing

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Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing is a kart racing video game. The players first must pick from a line up of twelve different characters from the Shrek universe. The maximum number of racers on a track at any one time is six. Each of the characters have special stats that are not displayed in the game. Any other non player racers will be controlled by the computer and chosen at random.

Then, the player has the option to pick the track or cup tournament they want to play on. Once the track is chosen, then the race will begin. The objective of the races is to win in first place. On the tracks are item barrels that contains items inside of them. The items are used as an advantage to help the racer out.

The tracks are also filled with obstacles and shortcuts that can either help or harm the racers. On the track, characters also have a special item that can be used to attack other karts or obstacles. If another racer is hit by a special item then they will spin out. The characters also can jump to avoid obstacles or reach other parts of the track. The racer that wins first place in either tournament mode or a regular race then gets to the trophy.

Characters & Karts[edit]

The game features 12 playable characters total, with 8 of these needing to be unlocked through gameplay progression. Each Character has their own kart to drive in with each one being a vehicle or a creature.

^U Unlockable characters